Hats for sale

[See my full gallery of hats HERE]

These are custom designed and hand-knitted by me at $30 apiece, with $5 from every hat sold donated to the Lines for Life*.


More details about the hats:

I knit them using a more or less Fair Isle-style of colors & patterns. I can do argyle, stripes, “OXO”s, Timbers axes, Thorns…thorns, geometrical patterns, whatever you want, in whatever colors you want. These are custom hats: if you have an idea for a design let me know and I’ll try and put it on a hat for you.

They are 100% acrylic yarn, so they’re durable and should be OK in the wash (though I’d let them drip dry). I may move to wool or some sort of natural/synthetic blend, which would raise the price some. For now I’m sticking to acrylic, but again, these are custom hats: tell me what you want (or even better, provide me with the yarn) and I’ll try to make your perfect hat.

These are made to fit my head, which is average-to-large in size. I can scale them a little bit bigger or smaller as you like. Ditto for the ribbed brim: I can make the ribbing long, so it folds up, or short so it fits more like a beanie.


Check out my Flickr page for my full portfolio of hats and to get an idea of my design range.

For now I have to limit this to Portland-area hand-to-hand sales, with cash on delivery; but soon I’ll join the 21st century and get a paypal or some other method of online commerce; perhaps after that I’ll join the 18th century and start shipping hats via postal carrier to faraway lands.

TO ORDER: send me an email, tell me what you want and we’ll go from there. I can do a pretty quick turnaround, so you’ll probably have your hat in a week (for now, unless demand rises). I live in southeast Portland so eastside/downtown is easiest for me to meet up; I’m a Timbers & Thorns fan and will be at every game, so pre-game over a beer or coffee also works for me.

*Lines for Life is a non-profit in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide.


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18 09 2013
HATS: End of Summer Clearance Sale | The Nerd is the Word

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